Roots for Growth is a global initiative whose aim is to raise awareness and share knowledge about the important role which fertilizers play in global agriculture.

Led by a network of the world’s leading fertilizer industry associations, Roots for Growth seeks to encourage greater dialogue and to foster further opportunities for partnerships with key partners around the world, including farmers, environmental leaders, agronomists, scientists, and governments.

Supporting sustainable agriculture means keeping farmers informed, providing training, and giving them as many choices as possible to respond to their unique local growing conditions. For their part, fertilizers help farmers feed our growing population by replenishing essential nutrients in the soil after each harvest.

Already, fertilizers are responsible for about half of the food grown around the world, nourishing billions of people and helping improve their diets every year. And as the human population continues to grow, the world’s farmers will need to become even more productive than they already are.

Most of this additional food will have to come from increasing production on existing farmland and empowering farmers with the knowledge and resources they need to increase crop yields, improve their incomes, and manage the world’s land, air, and water resources in a sustainable manner.

Fertilizers of various types help farmers to maintain healthy and fertile soils, giving them the exact nutrients they need in a cost-effective manner. But it is also important while reducing farming’€™s environmental impact, which means using the right source of fertilizer at the right rate, at the right time, and in the right place, as well as considering a range of other practices such as crop rotation, reduced tillage, and effective water management.

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